teenager - dyslexia assessment

Both my teenage children underwent specialist diagnostic assessment with Christine Young. On each occasion the assessment was thorough. My children felt at ease throughout the assessment and it was clear that Mrs Young took time to engage with them, to understand them and to reassure them with explanations where needed. The communication from Mrs Young was super both prior to and post assessment. She was efficient, responsive and clear in explaining the assessment and in seeking whatever information she required. Following the assessment, Mrs Young produced a detailed, comprehensive and clear report and arranged a meeting to discuss the content and to answer any questions that I might have. Her recommendations for support both in school and at home were comprehensive, practical and immensely helpful. I have subsequently discussed both children’s assessments with their respective schools and both schools appreciated the detail and quality of the report and were extremely positive about their communications with Mrs Young. I would recommend Mrs Young without reservation.

Mrs CB (Parent)

I would highly recommend Chris Young. She is very good at putting children at ease during their assessment and the follow up both in terms of a virtual and face to face meeting and the report was very clear especially with regard to next steps.

KN (Parent)

I am very happy to recommend the assessment services of Chris Young. My daughter needed evidence in order to qualify for Disabled Students’ Allowance when she started at Southampton Uni. I found Chris to be empathetic and efficient and I was so grateful that my daughter was able to get the support she needed to gain her degree.

TH (Parent)

Chris made my son feel very relaxed and at ease throughout his assessment. Chris was able to provide us with a very comprehensive report extremely promptly and the opportunity to go through this with her face to face was a great help to us.

SB (Parent)

In my role as Head of Access Arrangements, I have found Chris Young to be highly organised and efficient, with a superb grasp of AA assessment practice. Her diagnostic reports are clearly written and detailed and the recommendations based on a thorough understanding of the regulations governing access arrangements.

WM (Colleague)

Working alongside Chris in my role as School Registrar has been a pleasure. She is efficient, easy to work with and always willing to help, with an excellent understanding of access arrangements for our school applicants. I recommend her without hesitation.

CV (Colleague)